(with premium toppings)
(Need at least 24 hours advance notice)

(Farr Ice Cream)

Mint Chocolate ChipCandy Bar Whirl
Mocha/CoffeeCaramel Cashew
Pralines N CreamChocolate
Tigers BloodCake Batter
Cream Cheese Black RaspberryCookies & Cream
Double Dribble/Double PlayRoot Beer
Almond DivinityStrawberry
Banana NutCoconut Almond
Black Rasp PecanCherry Chip
Brownies on MoonChoco Chip Cookie Dough
Bubble GumChoc Peanut Butter
Burnt Almond FudgeVanilla Bean
Wild HuckleberryFrench Vanilla
German Choc CakeChocolate Chip
LicoriceMaple Pecan
Peppermint StickPistachio Nut
Green PineapplePlay Dough
PumpkinRaspberry Cheesecake
Rocky RoadSpumoni
SupermanOrange Cream
Bear ClawCaramel Caribou
Moose TracksSherbet (rainbow, lime, lime rickey, orange, pineapple, raspberry)
Fat Free Vanilla yogurtSorbet (Raspberry, Lime, Peach, Strawberry)
Keebler GrasshopperShake Shoppe Vanilla
Shake Shoppe ChocolateShake Shoppe Strawberry


50 flavors to choose from please contact us (choose 2 flavors)
Can add more than 2 flavors ($60.00 each)
Price includes: Up to 80 guests
Total price includes setup/delivery
Catering up to 2 hours (add fee for over 2 hours)
Total: $400.00 (Tax not included)
$4.00 per person charge over 80 guests

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